BCI GinsGlobal Global Equity Index Feeder Fund (ZAR)

We have launched a ZAR version of the GinsGlobal Global Equity Index Fund B Class – called the BCI GinsGlobal Global Equity Index Feeder Fund. The fund is already growing very fast – with over R900mn under management already.

GinsGlobal Index Funds ( Mauritius) Ltd has been registered in SA since 2001 and our MSCI World benchmarked fund has been our flagship. This Global Equity Index Fund has been used as a core in many Offshore/Fund of Fund solutions. We first received FSCA approval back in 2001 for this Fund (retail version).

• Earlier this year it was ranked amongst the Top 10 best performing SA approved unit trusts over the past 10 years – achieving an 18.7% annualised return (Source: Morningstar to 31 December 2021 – mentioned in your recent Citywire article).

• The Fund’s long track record– shows a very low tracking error and consistent return. It is highly tax efficient as it is a rollup fund, so any dividends are automatically reinvested in the fund resulting in a higher NAV.


• It is sub-advised by State Street Global Advisors, a leader in global index fund management – particularly for the largest sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and global institutions. (Over $4 trillion of assets). Dividends are typically reinvested as soon as received – mostly quarterly.

The Fact Sheet for our offshore Mauritius based fund is attached (Global Equity Index Fund ‘B’ Class). It shows that the fund slightly outperforming its benchmark on a gross basis – due to State Street’s strong global indexing capabilities. These include very efficient use of global tax treaties – helping to further reduce any tracking error. This is particularly important re global dividend payments received.

The fee of the ZAR BCI Feeder Fund is 15bps. The overall TIC is very competitive – at 43 bps annually (inclusive of all fees).

Clients are also able to access the Fund directly via BCI – and Glacier or Momentum LISP platforms

Investment Objective

Global Equity Index Fund attempts to provide investment results that corresponds to the performance of the Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) World Index. The MSCI World Index is a diversified, capitalisation-weighted benchmark consisting of common stocks of companies located in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States).

Investor Profile
Global Equity Index Fund is designed to provide investors with a low-cost, passive approach to earning the returns of common stocks throughout the world. This fund should appeal to financially astute investors looking to diversify their portfolios internationally.

Investment Manager
Global Equity Index Fund is managed by State Street Global Advisors, the world’s largest index asset manager.

Investment Strategy
SSGA typically employs a full replication indexing methodology to purchase the weighted-average securities that compose the index. As a result, the portfolio fully reflects the underlying index and does not assume active sector or security risk exposure. When necessary, SSGA may utilise sampling and optimisation, which may involve the use of derivative instruments.

Global Equity Index Fund’s base currency is U.S. dollars. The fund accepts subscriptions and redemptions in U.S. dollars, euros, and pound sterling.

MSCI World ex UNGC and CW Index with dividends reinvested.

Charges associated with the Global Equity Index Fund B Class are:

  • TIC of underlying fund is 19bps

Please approach your intermediary or contact us directly on:
USA (310) 432-4374 / (310) 801 4974 or 
SA +27 (0)11 453 0519 / +27 (0)82 896 4234


Index Funds - Did You Know

One reason index funds perform better is lower annual costs and transaction fees.

How to Access this Fund


1. Contact BCI Directly
2. Via the Sanlam or Momentum local platforms
3. Complete the application form below and send it to us at info@ginsglobal.com

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