How much can I invest in the GinsGlobal Index Funds (Mauritius) Limited?
Our minimum investment for individual investors is US$1,500 in the form of a lump sum investment into a single Index Fund product.  For clients seeking to invest across more than a single product the minimum is typically $3,000.


How do I make an investment?
Your intermediary – generally your broker or financial adviser – can invest on your behalf, and will provide you with all the necessary information for you to make an informed decision.


Can I invest directly into the funds?
Yes. Please contact our Johannesburg or Los Angeles office. The costs will be the same as going through your intermediary.

Can I pledge my investment as security against a bank loan?
Yes, although this can depend on the bank you are using. You will need to complete a securities transfer form.


Are any citizens able to invest in the GinsGlobal Index Funds (Mauritius) Limited?
Yes.  There are no taxes levied on any non-resident investors.  So no inheritance taxes, no income tax and no death duties or withholding taxes.


What proof do I have that I have bought the shares in the mutual fund?
At the time of your initial purchase you will receive written confirmation indicating the number of shares and value of your investment, at purchase date.

How is my money actually invested offshore?
You must instruct your bank or financial advisor to wire the funds directly to GinsGlobal Index Funds (Mauritius) Limited’s offshore bank account at Barclays.

Should you have existing funds offshore, these funds can be wired directly into the relevant offshore GinsGlobal bank account. Please refer to the application forms for details.


If I wish to sell my shares, do I stipulate a US$ or Euro amount, or number of shares I wish to sell?
Either an exact value or a number of shares is stipulated for sale on the redemption form. The proceeds of the sale can be paid directly into any offshore bank account in your name.  We need proof that account is held in your name.


Can I combine my money with other investors to meet the US$3,000 minimum amount?
Yes, but you will first need to appoint one person in whose name the funds will be held. You will need to make your own legal arrangements for distribution of the money if you want to sell your shares. Alternatively, talk to your intermediary about setting up a private trust or company.


Will I receive separate interest and dividend payments from the funds?
No. All interest and dividends are rolled up into the fund, i.e. reinvested in the fund. You would need to sell shares should you wish to receive any income from these funds.

Where can I obtain the Rand and US$ value of my investment?
Please phone our Johannesburg office: +27(0)11 883 9862 or Los Angeles office (310) 432 4374

Where can investors obtain performance figures for the GinsGlobal Index Funds (Mauritius) Limited?
Since all GinsGlobal Index Funds (Mauritius) Limited funds track recognized world indices it is likely that performance figures will mirror these indices. A small tracking error will likely occur. A useful idea is therefore to monitor the particular index you have chosen.

Our website contains all the most recent Fund and ETF performance returns including detailed monthly fact sheets.

You can also e-mail or phone our Johannesburg or Los Angeles office directly for performance information.


How often will I receive notification concerning my Index Funds?
You will receive confirmation of the initial investment upon the transaction being finalised. A statement reflecting the value of the investment is available monthly or on a customized basis earlier should you require such.

Can I receive my statements anywhere I choose?
Yes, we can email or post/mail to any address you prefer.


As a guideline, what is the length of time I should plan to invest my money for?
Our mutual funds have no minimum holding period.

Our Principal Protected Index Funds and insurance designs typically have at least a 5 year investment term. This means the funds are locked in for this period. In an emergency you can cash out of this investment but at a higher costs.

A term of at least 3 years is recommended for our Index Funds. Investments made in the bond and money market funds can be for a shorter period.


If I have monies abroad, can I invest them? How?
Yes, such monies can be paid/wired directly into GinsGlobal Index Funds (Mauritius) Limited offshore bank account. Please refer to the application forms.


How am I taxed on my offshore investments?
Each country applies taxes slightly differently.  Our Irish and Mauritian domiciled ETFs and Index Funds withhold no taxes and clients incur no income tax or estate taxes in these jurisdictions, as long as they are non-residents.  All foreign interest and dividends earned by our Funds are automatically reinvested (rolled up) back into our Funds.  So the price (NAV) simply is increased by this reinvestment amount (known as an Accumulation share class).  We don’t currently offer a distributing share class.

Please talk to your intermediary, or phone your customer service representative. for further information.


In the event my estate is ever sequestrated, what would the status of my offshore funds be?
All investments held in your name would be liquidated at the prevailing selling price and treated in the same manner as your other assets.


Upon death, what happens to the funds?
The investment can either be cashed in and paid into the estate, or transferred to a beneficiary.  Proof of a death certificate is required to make the transfer to the beneficiary.


Index Funds - Did You Know

Index funds outperform more than 80% of active fund managers over 3 - 15 years.


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