Synopsis of Global Money Market USD Index Fund

  • Conservative investment approach
  • Higher return than overseas bank account – minimal risk, lower entry levels
  • Focus is on retention of capital
  • Invests in short-term interest bearing instruments
  • High income stream which is re-invested in the fund
  • Low initial and annual charges
  • US$/Euro/GBP; denominated

Investment objective
Global Money Market Fund seeks to provide a high degree of safety for the initial investment, together with a return exceeding that from cash deposits in US Dollars/Euro/GBP. In order to achieve this, the fund will invest in highly liquid and top quality
fixed income securities as well as money market instruments maturing within 12 months.

Investor profile
Global Money Market Fund is designed for investors who seek a higher cash return than found in an overseas bank account. It is suitable for risk averse investors seeking no equity exposure.

Investment manager
Global Money Market Fund is managed by Investec Asset Management, a leading cash/liquidity manager, one of the largest European and African investment firms.

US$/Euro/GBP; denominated

London Inter-Bank Bid Rate (LIBID) 7 Day, US$/GBP Rate

Maximum charges associated with the Global Money Market Fund are:

  • TER (Total Expense Ratio): 0.25%

Please approach your intermediary or contact us directly on:
USA (310) 432-4374 / (310) 801 4974 or 
SA +27(0)11 8839862 / +27(0)828964234


Index Funds - Did You Know

Charles Schwab said..“Only about 1 out of every 4 equity unit trusts outperforms the stock market. That’s why I’m a firm believer in the power of indexing.


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