GinsGlobal Index Funds provides a wide variety of index-linked investment products.  These include traditional Index Funds (mutual funds), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Principal Protected (Capital Guaranteed) index notes. 

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GinsGlobal has pioneered a common-sense investment approach that has challenged the fund management industry by offering customers a transparent and low-cost way to invest in any asset class whether it be stocks, bonds, real estate or alternative (hedge) investments.

Clients seeking above average returns on their savings, without taking unnecessary risks with their money – are attracted to GinsGlobal. The GinsGlobal Index Fund range is designed to give investors broad diversified exposure to multiple markets at a fraction of the cost and with greater diversification – thus reducing any inherent risk levels.

Our index tracking approach uses full replication (not derivatives or synthetics).  Typically we own the full spectrum of companies compromising a given market – often holding upwards of ten times as many shares of a typical active portfolio manager.  This provides clients with the most broadly diversified holdings in any asset class.

The continued success of index tracking consistently outperforming the vast majority of global fund managers has helped validate this approach. Not surprisingly index tracking products now account for close to 50% of the world’s equity and bond assets under management.

Over almost 20 years GinsGlobal has worked with leading banks, insurers and global custodians to create appealing investment products linked to a wide variety of global indices.  We have designed cutting edge white label index products for the likes of Zurich Life, AIG Insurance, ING, Merrill Lynch, HSBC and AEGON-Transamerica.

Our index products appeal to both institutional investors (i.e. pension funds, life insurers, family offices, private banks, multi-managers/fund of funds) as well as retail clients.

Geographically we have clients spread across the US, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

For nearly 2 decades GinsGlobal has worked closely with State Street Global Advisors (one of the world’s largest institutional asset manager with almost $3 Trillion under management) – to provide competitive index mutual fund pricing and performance – along with the broadest index choice.

In Africa, GinsGlobal was the first mutual fund company to offer a broad range of locally approved global index fund products (South Africa and Mauritius).

In the US our cutting edge work in the Index Universal Life and Index Annuity space helped us receive a US patent for our Hindsight Index design.  We created some of the first US life insurance products with performance tied to a mix of foreign and US indices – with client’s returns being overweight the best performing indices via a unique lookback (hindsight) feature.

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Index Funds - Did You Know

One reason index funds perform better is lower annual costs and transaction fees.

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