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GinsGlobal Index Funds( Mauritius) Ltd is a distributor and designer of index linked related products,including capital guaranteed index funds, index annuities, market linked index CD’s and regular index mutual funds, for both private and institutional investors around the world. 

With operations in a number of countries including the United States of America, Taiwan, South Africa, Hong Kong, Canada and Israel, we also provide these structured products through our own private client group. For institutions, our products are most often used within their own life insurance policies, annuities, bank fixed deposits (Certificates of Deposit) or as a “core investment” in their own mutual funds.

This our products are also often co-branded with leading investment banks and insurers including HSBC Bank, AIG, ING Life, Royal Bank of Canada, Transamerica – AEGON Life, Merrill Lynch and Societe Generale.

GinsGlobal has contracted with State Street Global Advisors (the world’s largest institutional asset manager with over $1.7 Trillion under management) – to provide competitive index mutual fund pricing, minimal tracking error and performance to retail and institutional clients . In South Africa, GinsGlobal is the only unit trust company to offer a broad range of FSB approved global index fund products to the SA client.


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