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GinsGlobal Interviews with Various News Media

(Jan 22) Cloud Tech ETF creator sees enterprises increasingly embracing the Cloud

(Jan 22) GinsGlobal’s healthcare ETF creator discusses December takeaways

(Jan 22) Tech ETF sees lift from robotics & automation sector

(Nov 21) Cloud Tech to Double

(Nov 21) Tech Megatrend Outlook

(Nov 21) Healthcare Megatrend boost

HAN ETF Tech Fund Panel Discussion

Business Day Financial Mail Investment Dialogues with Brenthurst Wealth

(Oct 21) Tech ETF creator says WFH trends are driving demand for cybersecurity

(Oct 21) Cloud Technology ETF co-creator expects cloud spending to continue growing

(Oct 21) Healthcare ETF co-creator notes the merging of Big Tech and Healthcare

HAN-GINS Indxx Healthcare ETF creator explains why gene editing is best performer

HAN GINS Cloud Tech ETF creator expects cloud spending to rise to $500B within 2 years

Tech Megatrend ETF co-creator says blockchain theme performing ‘really well’

Healthcare Megatrend ETF sees healthcare M&A as frontier battleground for Big Tech

Cloud Technology ETF has significantly more exposure in fastest growing area of cloud

HAN-GINS ETFs | A Pivot Towards Progress

Cloud Tech ETF update – index rebalance

Healthcare Megatrend ETF update – index changes

Tech Megatrend ETF includes 11 new blockchain holdings

Cybersecurity – Huge Pick up

Tesla & Digital Revolution

The Digital Revolution Legislation, Change and Growth

The Wall Street Journal Explains Cloud Computing


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