Synopsis of US Equity Index Fund

  • Aggressive investment approach
  • Predominantly invests in large and mid cap shares
  • Market universe: US.
  • Invest for long-term capital growth not primarily for dividend income
  • US$ denominated
  • Dividends reinvested in the fund
  • Daily valuation

Investment objective
US Equity Index Fund attempts to provide investment results that parallel the performance of the MSCI US Index. This Index is far broader and more comprehensive than the S&P 500, as it covers approximately 80% of the entire US stock market capitalization.

Investor profile
US Equity Index Fund is designed for investors who want exposure to the equity markets in the United States through a low-cost method of matching the return of the MSCI US Index. The fund provides its investors with broad diversification and significantly less specific risk than a more concentrated portfolio.

Investment manager
US Equity Index Fund is managed by State Street Global Advisors, the world’s largest index asset manager.

Investment strategy
SSGA typically employs a full replication indexing methodology to purchase the weighted-average securities that compose the index. As a result, the portfolio fully reflects the underlying index and does not assume active sector or security risk exposure. When necessary, SSGA may utilise sampling and optimisation, which may involve the use of derivative instruments.

U.S. Equity Index Fund is denominated in U.S. dollars.

MSCI USA ex UNGC and CW Index with dividends reinvested.

Maximum charges associated with the US Equity Index Fund are:

  • TER (Total Expense Ratio): varies depending on size of investment: maximum 0.70%
  • Subscription charge: Due to the fund: 0.03%
  • Redemption charge: Due to the fund: 0.03%

Please approach your intermediary or contact us directly on:
USA (310) 432-4374 / (310) 801 4974 or 
SA +27(0)11 8839862 / +27(0)828964234


Index Funds - Did You Know

Index funds outperform more than 80% of active fund managers over 3 - 15 years.


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